‘Brand Association’ is not a usual subject for a hotel to write about, but we mention it quite often because while we love Mandolay, we are not exactly a household name outside of Guildford.

We are a beautiful, independently owned four star hotel and events venue, situated close to the heart of one of the prettiest towns in Surrey…so what!

Exactly, so what?

We are a small fish, swimming in a very large pond, and while we can point to all of our award successes, fabulous facilities and first class service, potential guests in Manchester, Southampton, Leeds or even London, will not be aware of our existence, let alone people in China, mainland Europe, or the USA.

However, discerning travellers in all of these places will know Molton Brown, Osborne & Little, and Grey Goose Vodka, all brands that can be found prominently at Mandolay.

It is good to be associated with these companies for a number of reasons, of course people have heard of them, but the main reason is that they are really, really great products. You would not believe the amount of comments we receive about the Osborne & Little wallpapers that feature in every single bedroom.

So, it is with particular pleasure that we can announce our two most recent brand collaborations…drumroll please…Champagne Lanson, and Starbucks Coffee.

Our heated outdoor terrace offers warm blankets, and complete shade in preparation for whatever the great British summer sends us weather wise. It now also features Champagne Lanson branding, and a full range of their ‘rare and exceptional’ products, all served perfectly chilled of course.

For our meeting and corporate event clients, we are now offering Starbucks Coffees throughout our 8 meeting rooms, the first, and as yet only hotel in the UK to offer this service option.

So there you have it, you might not have heard of Mandolay (although we hope you have!), but we are pretty sure you will know Lanson, Starbucks, and all of our other great brands, and appreciate why we use them.

Great service, great products, great venue…come and see us soon.