Please do not worry, we are not going all ‘Kirsty and Phil’, or taking up a side line in estate agency, it’s just that we get asked a lot about living in Guildford, and we also play host to many individuals and families that are considering a move to our beautiful town.

We are also delighted to welcome a great many parents, and families of students attending the University of Guildford, Guildford School of Law, and the Academy of Contemporary Music.

So, let’s start with a quick ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ style review, the average property price in Guildford is around £660,000, which when compared to the national average of £285,000 makes us quite an expensive area to buy in. Of course, there are many factors that affect this average, many of the properties in Guildford are larger than the national average, and our proximity to London.

Guildford, like most towns in the area, is blessed with a plethora of superb estate agencies, all the traditional high street names including Foxtons and Knight Frank, as well as local agencies like Hill Clements, and Chantries & Pewleys.

As a University town, we have thousands of students from around the world living in Guildford, and it is a source of great pride that so may choose to stay in the area after graduating. The accommodation needs of University of Surrey are looked after superbly in-house, and with more than 6,000 rooms of varying size to choose from, their website is a great place to start looking.

Of course, we cannot comment on specific agencies, or there services, but in our experience they are all great.

As mentioned earlier, we are always delighted to host people that are considering a move to the area, we are proud members of Experience Guildford, and always recommend a visit to their website for an idea of what the town has to offer.

We know that Guildford is a little on the pricey side but the place has so much going on, great parks, wonderful services and transport links, first class entertainment options, and the glorious Surrey countryside.

If you’re thinking of a move, we’d love to welcome you to Mandolay for a quick ‘try before you buy’ visit.