A recent survey showed that one of the most sought after facilities among regular hotel users was properly functioning air conditioning.

Add this to the overwhelming amount of guest comments that we received and it’s no wonder that Mandolay has invested significantly to install air conditioning/heating units in every in of our 78 bedrooms.

The units are easy to operate, and obviously meet all the latest environmental standards, similar units will also be installed in every one of the new bedrooms scheduled as part of our expansion development, an initiative that will see Mandolay grow in size to a 106 bed luxury property.

Investment in the best possible ‘kit’, has long been a staple of our business philosophy, in a competitive industry like ours we must be constantly striving to improve facilities and service. So whether it is the introduction of a new snack range for our conference centre, beefing up our already amazing 200Mb wireless internet service, or a new staff training programme, you can be sure that Mandolay will make all the right investment decisions.

Of course, as an independently owned hotel and events venue, we have to acknowledge our limitations, so it’s probably a little too soon to be thinking about helicopter landing pads on the rear lawn!

Our aim remains, as it has always been, to provide our beautiful home town of Guildford with a hotel of which it can be extremely proud, a place to relax, conduct business and enjoy.

As with every aspirational journey, we continue to set targets and look to the future, investing sensibly in the services and facilities that our guests and clients demand, and expect.